Local Pulse Show 189 | 05-20-17

“Leapers” of Faith, Wildlife & The Deck

This week Joe’s guests were:

Alice Mulvany and Officers Dani Sinclair & Tori Smith, to talk about their “Leap of Faith,” a skydiving fundraiser to support The Pelican Intervention Fund, which provides treatment opportunities for those suffering from addiction. Be sure to go to www.PelicanInterventionFund.org and make a donation to support these brave ladies. After all, if they can jump out of a plane, you can write a check!
Jean Adams, from the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, on her regular check-in at Local Pulse, to let us know what’s happening at the Refuge. We love Jean, and she keeps coming back, despite Gregg’s “plover jokes.”  Thanks Jean!
Roman Mondalto, General Manager of The Deck in Salisbury. We talked about the great 2nd floor addition to The Deck, the menu, including some new items, and more.
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Alice Mulvany and Dani Sinclair, Leapers of Faith on Local Pulse Show 189 Jean Adams from Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Local Pulse Show 189 Roman Mondalto from The Deck on Local Pulse Show 189

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